Reunion of Soft Cell for farewell concert

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The British synth’s pop duo’s, Soft Cell will be one-off return gig for a farewell concert in London’s O2 Arena. That, reports The Guardian today. The duo around singer Marc Almond, and producer Dave Ball is especially known for the hit “Tainted Love” in 1981.

In a press release saving the Almond the big words. “This latest Soft Cell concert will be the best farewell concert ever,” proclaims the singer. “We will make a beautiful and appropriate farewell from the fans also thank you will be.”

The farewell show will be called “Say Hello, Wave Goodbye”, as a kind of tribute to the eponymous Soft Cell hit from 1981. The concert will take place in London’s O2 Arena on september 30, 2018. It’s been 15 years since the Uk’s pop duo’s again on our own soil occurred.

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