Reportage “Pano” outlines tarnished image about the operation of Belgian railways

31b32b528db158f3e48a78031279c2a4 - Reportage "Pano" outlines tarnished image about the operation of Belgian railways

The reportagemagazine “Pano” of the VRT broadcasts tonight, a shocking report on the functioning of the Belgian railways. The nmbs / SNCB and Infrabel promised the reportagemakers “a unique look” behind the scenes. From numerous anonymous testimonies it appeared, according to the reportagemakers, however, that there is still a lot of wire runs in the railways. “I have still the feeling that it is an old company where things are very slow to change,” says an anonymous witness.

The initiative was according to the reportagemakers of Infrabel, the spoorinfrastructuurbeheerder. “We were a major reportage on the Belgian railways, with a unique look behind the scenes,” says reportagemaker Wim Van den Eynde. “We were even allowed to be critical and talk with staff. But, Infrabel wanted to contacts with the staff check for yourself.”

The unique look behind the scenes is according to the reportagemakers, however, a story that is much too bright and ” clean pretty is proposed. “We are with the staff to talk. We have a lot of people talking, but only a few dared to really tell their story, and then only anonymously.”

From the reportage of “Pano” shows that there is a lot wrong with the railways: workers dare not talk, they are a less attractive image of the nmbs / SNCB, there is not listening to the employees, new technology is outdated, and despite the split of train operation in Infrabel and SNCB trains can run not more punctual. “We should totally not talk to the press. If they come to know then we endorsed. It is a bit of a dictatorship in the us”, says an anonymous witness.

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