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Renault: “With our new F1 car, a step closer to the world title”

6461ad32efbe21110d43c861234697e0 - Renault: "With our new F1 car, a step closer to the world title"

Renault presented yesterday its new car for F1 season 2018. The French car manufacturer wants to own say on the successful path to continue and build on the way to the absolute top of the F1.

“The Renault Sport Formula One Team wants to build on the formidable success of Renault in his sport,” said Jérôme Stoll, President of Renault Sport Racing.

After Renault in 2016 with its own works team returned to the Formula 1 Renault after a successful season 2017 again this year a step forward.

“In 2017 proven that we are on the right track. We are a renstal in full development. We have two eager and talented pilots. We have Enstone new lease of life, and our workforce grew by more than 35%. So far translated our efforts into success on the circuit. Last year we went from ninth to sixth place in the championship and also we must not forget that we ended the year with the fastest car on the grid.”

“That our program is less than two years, and a success it was, proves the seriousness of the project since the creation of the renstal and the work of Cyril and the full teams of Renault Sport Racing. I hope that we are in our third season a step closer to our long-term goal will be: to win and compete for the world titles. “

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