‘Rare’ baby boom in French zoo

AMNÉVILLE zoo of Amneville, in the north of the French city of Metz, will experience this month in a remarkable baby boom. The month began with the birth of a rare white rhino. It is a female of 85 pounds and she is called Arenka. A few days later, the royal Bengal tiger of Orissa triplets in the world. These tigers are even rarer than the endangered rhino.

'Rare’ baby boom in French zoo

The three are called Mohan, Râni and Raja, reported French media.

The white rhino is in China on a large scale hunted. There are, at most, still 25,000 of in the wild. The type of tigers where the zoo of Amnéville now a set of triplets, lives hardly more in the wild. There are less than 4000 copies of.

'Rare’ baby boom in French zoo

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