President of Venezuela he praises own cryptogeld, the “petro”

9c4c26d8da3381d16f94b97abd7abbe2 - President of Venezuela he praises own cryptogeld, the "petro"

CARACAS – Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro has his new cryptomunt petro already in advance called a great success. According to the head of state are now in the presale for 600 million euro to petros sold. He considers the virtual currency as a competitor of the Us dollar. Petros will from next month be publicly traded.

President Nicolas Maduro (centre) at a press conference about the “petro”.

Maduro, according to Venezuelan media, the petro-along with all the other crypotomunten if the bitcoin as a valid method of payment entered in all the diplomatic offices of the country and in the civil aviation in Venezuela. The government will take measures to petro also in the tourism sector to enter. According to Maduro is also from last Tuesday, a percentage of the volume of transactions with the state oil company Pdvsa in petros settled.

The president of the economic mismanagement ruined oil-rich Venezuela said that with the petro a new economic era.

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