Pictures in Dinant for film with Jean-Claude Van Damme won’t go through

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The previously scheduled recording of “The Bouncer” in Dinant will not continue. That has director Roger Schins to La Dernière Heure confirmed.

Initially wanted the productieploeg filming at a car park in the centre of the city, but those plans have been removed. “We have never been on the mayor confirmed that we have a scene that would include in Dinant. I think he is too early victory crowed. Our team had a problem with the exit of the car park and the camera angles that are needed for. Therefore, we will no scenes can include in Dinant”, explains the director.

Richard Fournaux, mayor of Dinant, confirms the statement of the director and clarified that “it is not impossible that the actor is yet to Dinant is for another event”.

The productieploeg will nevertheless a few scenes to film in the region of Namur, confirms a production company that is involved in the film. “We can’t get the exact location tell because we are all looking for a filming, but it will be somewhere in the area of Names. Local residents will in any case not be overwhelmed by large trucks with production equipment”, says Maxime Deschamps of the production company, Clap Namur in La Dernière Heure.

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