Parkland-school students target conspiracy theories

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PARKLAND – Activist students after the massacre in Florida has become the target of complotdenkers. The seventeen-year-old David Hogg, an outspoken student, denied to CNN a actor.

David Hogg (r)

Students from Parkland have occurred after the shootings at their school, called for stricter arms legislation. That led to all kinds of conspiracy theories about their motives. The young people are, according to The New York Times among others, portrayed as “actors” that people post such dramas must mobilize against gun control.

Hogg, the son of a former FBI agent, got the full low. He would, according to some complotdenkers by his father are instructed to criticize the government. The teenager saw himself forced to defend itself against the allegations. “I represent no other party”, he stressed to CNN.

The young people got support from Republican senator Marco Rubio. “The claim that some students who, after Parkland’s on television appeared actors, comes from a disgusting group of idiots”, wrote the politician on Twitter. He suggested that the complotdenkers “no decency”.

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