‘North Koreans cancelled meeting with Pence at the last moment,”

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In the margin of the winter Olympics in the South Korean Pyeongchang was a meeting scheduled between the American vice-president Mike Pence and representatives of North Korea. On ‘the last moment’ attracted the latter, however, back, so says the American ministry of Foreign Affairs Tuesday. It ‘regrets’ the decision.

According to spokeswoman Heather Nauert served for Pence, the opening of the winter Olympics attended, the possibility of a ‘short meeting’ with the leaders of the North Korean delegation. “The vice president was willing to seize the opportunity to make it clear that North Korea illicit ballistic and nuclear programs need to specify. At the last moment decided to get North Korean officials to the meeting not to allow them to continue, ” says Nauert.

The Washington Post, that the government of Pence quotes, message that the maintenance was agreed upon for the departure of Pence to Pyeongchang. It was scheduled on Saturday 10 February. Less than two hours for the vice president, Kim Yo-jong, sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and Kim Yong-nam, in the name of the head of state of the country, would meet, backed out, however, they are back.


The reasons for the late cancellation would Pence’s announcement of new sanctions against Pyongyang and met with North Korean defectors. In response, says the chief of staff of Pence, Nick Ayers, that North Korea is the prospect of a maintenance had used ‘in the hope that the vice president, his message would soften’.

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