National Geographic makes a special about MH17

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The first episode of a new series of Air Crash Investigation on channel National Geographic stands completely in the sign of MH17. On the basis of exclusive interviews with the employees of the Dutch Safety Board (OVV) is a detailed reconstruction of the disaster, made the station Wednesday known.

Parts of the Boeing 777-200 (flight MH17) in eastern Ukraine, one hundred days after the crash.

In the program Air Crash Investigation, every week, an accident or a disaster in the airline examined. The first episode of the new season tells on the basis of interviews with Dutch OVV-researchers how the cause of the MH17 disaster has been identified. The 298 passengers of the Boeing 777 of Malaysia Airlines came on July 17, 2014 all the life in the disaster.

Access to the disaster zone was complicated by the war in Eastern Ukraine, and it took months for the OVV debris could mountains. The reconstruction brings these and other challenges that the researchers faced in the picture.

Of Air Crash Investigation are more than 150 episodes, which are globally broadcast. In previous seasons his broadcasts devoted to the bijlmer disaster and the crash of Turkish Airlines at amsterdam airport Schiphol. The episode about the MH17 is Sunday 4 march at 21.30 to see in National Geographic.

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