Natalie Portman regrets of support to Polanski

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Nine years after a petition was signed for the release of Roman Polanski, Natalie Portman there regret to. In an interview with Buzzfeed says the actress had not enough in the case deepened.

Natalie Portman

“Someone I respect gave it to me and said,” I have this signed. Do you do that?’ And I was like: okay. I take full responsibility that I was not there enough to have thought,” says Portman.

Polanski fled in 1977 the US out during a lawsuit in which he fact for sex with a 13-year-old girl. The director had therein, the debt is known and a deal closed, but was afraid that the prosecution no longer would keep. In 2009, he became, at the request of the authorities in the USA arrested in Switzerland, to the displeasure of many hollywood stars, that the petition signed for his release.

The filmmaker was two months and was then placed under house arrest. Ten months after his arrest, decided Switzerland, the Us demand for extradition of Polanski aside.

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