Mathias Coppens reunited with first love

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Now he makes the beautiful weather at VTM, but the career of Mathias Coppens started at the public broadcaster, as revealed in the episode Of general usefulness of Thursday 22 February.

As a 13-year-old, he plays a role in the acclaimed tv-movie The world of Ludovic. The film is about two young teenagers who fall in love and run away from home. But the role was for Mathias very special:

“After day one, I knew that I was in love with. I am in my life have never been so in love been as then at Bella. I had to play that I was in love with my tegenspeelster, but I was also in the real. But I’ve never dare to say.”

Bella lived during the recordings temporarily to Mathias’s home, because they are Dutch. Mathias had two blissful months. But in the film was also a delicate naaktscène between Mathias and Bella. How Mathias that scene has done, the viewer will discover Thursday evening in the public interest.

Mathias: “I had so much fear for that scene to play, because Bella had me in the movie undress and then we were completely naked next to each other in bed. And while I completely foolish it was of her. Everyone understands that if puberjongen wasn’t easy.”

The man who taught his people how to breathe
‘Busy’ was also 51 years ago, has already been the case. In 1967, the public broadcaster Eric Gomes, a program how the Flemish people must de-stress by… ‘to breathe’, and… ‘to breathe’. First, he had a section in the legendary program Quarter-Eefje. Afterwards, he got his own program, Yoga. And that was an interactive program, then that word was not yet invented.

The tv viewer was invited to the breathing exercises in front of the television. Eric is a pioneer of yoga in Flanders. And the public broadcaster is already very early with that new phenomenon: the makers want the well-being and health of the Flemish people jacking up and before switching them for a few seasons, Eric. Steven Eric wants to do this honor, and also the minister of Health, Maggie De Block, has a message for Eric.

World peace and voetbalgeweld
At the beginning of the ’80s, there was much violence in the world. The missile crisis in our country, the Cold War and violence and hooliganisme in our football stadiums. Two phenomena that have seemingly nothing to do with each other, but not for Jean-Marie Pfaff. He brought in 1983, a protestsong to all the violence in the world to complain. House DJ from Studio Brussel, DJ Yolotanker makes at the request of Steven a remix to the young generation to get acquainted with the protest singer, Jean-Marie Pfaff.

And also a guest in the public interest
• The man who, each week, the viewers, to welcome in the generic of Of general utility: Gie Luyten, the most phenomenal entry of the public broadcaster
• Marc Van Poucke, a pioneer of Do-it-yourself television in Flanders. But also the first soap opera that was shown on the public broadcaster. And that three years before the start of Home

Of general interest: Thursday, 22 February at 20: 35 hours on One.

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