‘Laserman’ lifelong

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FRANKFURT – The district court in Frankfurt on Wednesday, a 64-year-old Swede, nicknamed the ’Laserman’, condemned to a lifelong imprisonment because of murder, almost 26 years ago committed. They found evidence that John Ausonius on 23 February 1992, a garderobejuffrouw that was on the way home waiting and her a bullet through the head shot. He had the air in her handbag.


According to Bild he defended himself by saying that the victim, his pocket diary had been stolen. Ausonius is since 1994 in Sweden for murder and multiple attempted murder. He shot, before he fled to Germany in the early nineties for months with a gun, equipped with laservizier, on migrants. Mass murderer Breivik (2011) touched by him, inspired.

Ausonius would soon be a free man come but ends up now in a German cell. The accused is also locked in a high security correctional facility.

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