“Just call me from now on but SEX

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Rapper Young Thug wants to now Sex. This says the 26-year-old artist on Twitter, without further explanation.

Young Thug

“I change my name in SEX”, he writes, a little later followed by: “Call me now SEX!!!” . Jeffrey Lamar Williams, as the rapper is really hot, tried to have already to change. In 2016, he called people to him, No, My Name is Jeffrey. That was ultimately a publicity stunt for his new music.

Young Thug is not the first time that a planned name change to the world infield. In november, said Sean Combs (aka Puff Daddy or P. Diddy) to his name to want to change in Brother Love. Eventually he had a couple of days later because of the massive attention and confusion yet to admit that it is a joke.

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