‘Jessica Chastain in sequel of It

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Jessica Chastain is in negotiations with the makers of the sequel of horrorhitfilm It. The actress would play the role of Beverly go out and play, reports Variety.

The miniseries It, which in 1990 was made to the book by Stephen King, takes place at two points in time: around 1960, as the central characters are young teens, and ten years later. For the film version were these two periods apart. The film It of last september told the story of the teenagers, which this time took place in 1988. In the sequel revolves around the group of ‘The Losers Club’, as well as adults.

The actress that Beverly played in the film of the last year will be happy with the choice for the Molly’s Game actress for her role. In an interview with Dutch tv-guide Veronica left the now 16-year-old Sophia Lillis at the time know that if they had, Jessica the character of her would take over.

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