Jennifer Lawrence sets her sights on Timothee Chalamet

28e05b542076292d92424371b6923981 - Jennifer Lawrence sets her sights on Timothee Chalamet

But the actor must have patience. She finds him still too young.

Jennifer Lawrence has set her sights on Call Me By Your Name-star Timothee Chalamet and can’t wait until he is older. Then she can be with him dating.

The actress is single after her relationship with director Darren Aronfsky last year on the verge of falling apart. Jennifer admits that she’s the 22-year-old Chalamet in the holes. And not only because he recently, the youngest actor was nominated for an Oscar in the category Best Actor.

“I wait until he is a bit older”, she told Entertainment Tonight.

Jennifer is only five years older than the young star, but apparently his age its quite straight. That is why they want to wait to get him in to palms. “I did not know that he was still so young,” she Said. “Tell him that he should wait. He is so talented and hot!”

They may have not too long to wait. Timothee is a big fan. Last month at the presentation of the Golden Globes, he talked about the actress and told still deep under the impression of her. “And to think that I ever have met.”

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