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Jennifer Lawrence: ‘I’m extremely offended’

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There was criticism of the press photos of Jennifer Lawrence and her male colleagues from the film Red Sparrow. The four men all have winter clothes on, Lawrence only be a dress. ‘A sign of sexist Hollywood, ” she said of the criticism. ‘My own choice’, use replication Lawrence.

On social media, it was a lot of discussion about the fact that Jennifer Lawrence was the only one without a jacket on a photo shoot outside in the cold London. Fans wondered whether the actress herself chose, or was obliged so to show.

“I don’t know where to start about all this criticism,” writes Lawrence on her Facebook page. She finds the discussion not only ridiculous, it is also extremely insulted. The actress loves her Versace dress and wanted to show the world. “I was only five minutes outside’, she writes. ‘Do you really think that I’m that fantastic dress would cover it? I would agree in the snow, because I love fashion and that is my choice.’

‘Not feminism’

Lawrence has campaigned longer for women’s rights, equal pay between a man and a woman, and, recently, also for a fair democracy. But she finds the discussion about her dress far from relevant. ‘This is sexist, and ridiculous, and certainly not feminism. This discussion doesn’t help us move forward, it leads us from the really important topics.’ The actress stresses that everything she wears her own choice. “And if I am cold, then that is my choice”, she concludes.

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