Jay Hernandez is the new Magnum P. I.

b416145ab1fdbb5c003a7fe8c5c0a9c7 - Jay Hernandez is the new Magnum P. I.

Incidentally, acted the old Magnum, Tom Selleck (73), still.

The creators of the reboot of detectiveserie Magnum, P. I. have their principal cast, Jay Hernandez goes the private eye play in the new version of the 80’s-hit series.

Hernandez was in 2016 to see if El Diablo in Suicide Squad. He also plays the lover of Mila Kunis in the Bath Mom movies. In Magnum, P. I. he’s going as Thomas Magnum, a former Navy SEAL who, after his mission in Afghanistan his military knowledge bet in his own detective agency.

The role was in the original series, which from 1980 to 1988 was broadcast, played by Tom Selleck. The now 73-year-old actor is still active and currently seen in politieserie Blue Bloods.

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