’Hundreds of bottles of champagne to Rihanna’s birthday party’

599cc54c6ec735844b31fc23e2d31b86 - ’Hundreds of bottles of champagne to Rihanna's birthday party’

A dress code, plenty of champagne, a swimming pool and guests as Leonardo DiCaprio, Rihanna’s thirtieth anniversary was Tuesday, a huge party, exactly as one would expect from a world star. Page Six spoke with some of the attendees.

Rihanna was spotted during her trip to the restaurant in New York, where her celebration dinner every loved.

It all started with a four-course dinner in New York, where mostly family and some close friends were present. A source describes it as a ’very elegant gala event, at which the guests include gnudi with caviar ate, and peppered filet mignon. Rihanna shone as year old in a shiny purple ball gown.

On the subsequent party began, the champagne richly flow, ’hundreds of bottles’, according to an insider. Among the attendees were Paris Hilton and through a side door and slipped later in the evening, Leonardo DiCaprio. He and Rihanna have always remained friends, after they 2015 short with each other dateten. Toni Braxton gave a performance. Anyone knows Page Six to tell that she is one of RiRi’s more intimate friends, which helps her that Rihanne a big fan of her.

Also Rihanna’s rich friend, the Saudi Hassan Jameel was there to see the celebrations for the anniversary of the increase. According to sources, were the two the whole evening was ’very close’.

Earlier in the day put Rihanna on Instagram, her mother in the sun.

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