Guy Neve has big plans

f3210cdb9729a76f96ea801f46dffe07 - Guy Neve has big plans

It goes well with the career of Guy Neve. The music of the singer is clear in the taste to fans of the Flemish song and clip to pass through often on Ment. During the next recording of The Flemish Top 10 will Guy Neve, the first time his new single proposals and this time it will be Guy Neve a duet together with a well-known Flemish singer. That was the Showbizz-Site at the know. Guy takes soon a duet with Lia Linda. Lia has in the past several duets recorded with Joe Harris, and by the years keep on singing. “Soon we will indeed have a duet on,” confirms Guy Neve in an interview with Showbizz-Site. “I thought for years for Something Stupid by Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman. That never happened, but now it’s going to really be able to make it. With Lia Linda hit it off particularly well,” says Guy Neve. On 19 march, the duet of Lia Linda and Guy Neve during the recording of the Vlaamse Top 10 Ment hear for the first time.

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