Go vote or sleep with gays and the word soldier with blacks

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The russians are not going to vote for the presidential election next month, will be in hell on earth with gays and blacks life. Or isn’t that what a video, which is under fire for his xeno – and homophobic message, the public want to be fooled.

“Honey, we need the alarm clock. Tomorrow we vote.’ Svetlana Galka, a Russian actress, plays in a video that Russians as a call to vote, the wife of a grumpy partner who prefers to sleep than a new president to be elected. ‘Pfff, as if no one can choose, without your voice, ” says the man in the video, moody. He duffelt in bed and turns around. Vote that can be stolen.

But the man has a terrible nightmare. He dreams that he wakes up because there hard on the front door is gebonkt. When he the door opens, there are three soldiers in front of the door, including a black man – who tell him that he is called up for his military service to begin. “But I’m 52 years old,” says the still half-bemused man. “That’s just fine’, they reply. “You can be called up to 60 years. The law is adjusted.”

Nail file with a rainbow

The man pushes the door on the nose of the soldiers and runs in the hallway, and his son against the body, which suddenly communist, and money from him as well. Looking for something to hold, is the man towards the kitchen with his wife to talk. When he arrives, there is, however, a young man with a pink blouse, a nail file with a rainbow and a tattoo in the neck at the kitchen table.

“Yes, what is there now,” said his wife when he asks what ‘gay’ in the hell in the kitchen is to do. ‘You do know that the new law prescribes that Russian families are required to lesbian, gay, bisexual a week, on to catch in their home when their partner will leave them’, says the. ‘If he has no new partner, than you will be with him.’

“The law is the law,” interrupts the man in the pink blouse while he suggestive a bite of a banana.

Wake up

In order to escape the nightmare, flight, the man to the toilet. There is, however, a red light like in old horror films, and blares a voice through the speakers: ‘Attention, the allowed toilettijd is limited.’ The military, his communist son, his wife and the gay man come in and repeat their questions and requirements continuously.

Screaming seems to be the man now to wake up to the alarm clock. He turns and speaks to his wife, who suddenly appears to have changed in the gay man to whom he shelter had to provide according to the new law. The man hugs him.

Again the man woke up. Is this time really true or is this just a sequel to its endless nightmare? Gently, he pulls the down blanket away from the snoring person next to him. It turns out his wife, who asks him what inspires him to her so awake. “WHAT? WHAT? Dare you ask? WE HAVE TO GO VOTE! FAST, FASTER! Come on, let’s go!’ The man pushes his wife is almost out of the bed, and then jumps itself right like a mad man to go vote.

Who ordered the video?

Although the video was made with professional actors, know none of them who the video ordered. The Russian oppositiewebsite Meduza wrote that the video by president Putin, through his campaign team was ordered. The Kremlin denies the involvement of president putin’s party, United Russia, to make or to request the video. ‘Nonsense’, the reaction to independent journalists of Novaya Gazeta, Dozjd and Meduza. “This is not only ordered by Putin, but also as homophobic and racist that it really not okay. We live in a homophobic country and then launch something like that. That this impunity can, says a lot about Russia.’

“We got a script and we have our job done,” replied Galka, that the woman is playing the movie, to the Russian press. “I had no idea that people this offensive would be able to find. Xenophobic because there is a heavy man in the army uniform plays and homophobic because we are a gay on the set had? It’s just a video full of humor, nothing more.’

Fear of low turnout

In the Russian presidential elections, on 18 march to take place, will the current president, Vladimir Putin, who has 18 years in power, have no trouble re-elected to get. A problem where the Kremlin still is, is the low turnout in the ballot. Recent polls show that barely 70 percent of Russians intend to vote.

Therefore, the Kremlin, the order of march 18, a celebration. And preferably one that is in no way disturbed by Alexei Navalni.

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