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Football leads eight new videorefs on

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The Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association) is concerned with the training of eight new videorefs, including six semi-professional referees. That confirmed scheidsrechterbaas Johan Verbist on Tuesday. The extra videorefs are necessary, because from next season the Video, Assistant Referee (VAR) in all of the races can intervene.

Ex-referees Christophe Virant, who this season after two failed physical tests are easy opborg, and Laurent Colemonts be transformed into video-assistants. Of the eight refs who last summer a semi-professional contract signed, following the six international referees retraining to videoref. It goes to Sébastien Delferière, Bart Vertenten, Lawrence Visser, Jonathan Lardot, Erik Lambert and Alexandre Boucaut. For the moment only Bram Van Driessche and Nathan Verboomen not a seat in the van. The eight recruits performed in the meantime already for offline testing.

“Next season 12 videorefs”

“Next season there is every weekend 8 matches with VAR. By then we have 12 videorefs disposal, allowing ourselves some space”, explained Johan Verbist. “Abroad to the international refs retrained to videorefs. We can get our toprefs that opportunity does not deprive. If they don’t like head referee on a world CHAMPIONSHIP or european CHAMPIONSHIP to get, then why not if videoref?”

Ex-referees Tim Pots, Christophe Delacour, Yves Marchand and Kris Bellon will have next season along with newcomers Virant and Colemonts the fixed pool of videorefs forms. They are every weekend at least one duel in the van. The six internationals to fill the two remaining matches. “If we have the set schedule to follow, will be the semi-professional referees will be so for the three weeks as videoref act”, confirmed Verbist. Their role as the fourth assistant will more often be filled in by referees from 1B. “I foresee no problems”, was the scheidsrechterbaas positive.

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) may, on 3 march at its annual General Meeting in Zurich a decision on the final appearance of the VAR. The Belgian Pro League waited for that verdict does not put at the end of last year, the green light on. That way, there could be the recruitment and training of videorefs.

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