Flanders gets big Hazes-tribute

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Dana Winner, Xander de Buisonjé, Isabelle A, Luc Caals and Steracteur Sterartiest-winner Michiel De Meyer bring on the 22nd of april in Antwerp Lotto Arena is an ‘Ode to September’. That news was Tuesday during a press event in Cafe The Angel announced. Barely two months before the commencement of the concert the ticket sales start, it is a bold undertaking. But with names like Dana Winner, Xander de Buisonjé, Isabelle A, Michiel De Meyer and Luc Caals on the poster, and the known repertoire of André Hazes, this event will, without a doubt, a lot of people to the Lotto Arena for the lure.

More than 45,000 people took 14 years ago in the Amsterdam ArenA farewell of André Hazes. Its catchy farewell ceremony was broadcast live, good for more than 6 million viewers, including more than 1 million Flemish people. Years after his death continues to André immensely popular in the Low Countries and his Hazes-classics such as ‘She believes in me’, ‘A little love’, ‘Little boy’, ‘Blood, sweat and tears’ and ‘The kite’ become collective musical heritage. High time for a Tribute to Hazes ” and that’s going to happen on Sunday 22 april 2018 at 16.30 hours in the Antwerp Lotto Arena. Together with a live band, bring Volumia!-figurehead Xander de Buisonjé, passionate Hazes-interpreter Luc Caals, Flemish topzangeressen Dana Winner and Isabelle A, and Steracteur Sterartiest-winner Michiel De Meyer the greatest hits of the Cockpit. “This is an afternoon for everyone who loves the music and the timeless classics of André Hazes. We’re going to have a big musical party, pure ambiance in a absolute production!”, sounds at the organizers. From Wednesday 21 February 2018 can book your tickets for ‘a Tribute to Hazes’ order by or by phone at 070/345.345 (Max. €0.30/Min).

If there is one artist in Flanders, that the popularity of André Hazes can perfectly estimate, then the Luc Caals. On september 20, 2014 was Luc ever in a sold out Lotto Arena with his ‘Caals sings Hazes’. “Together with my sold-out series of Hazes concerts and passages in o.a. the Queen elizabeth concert hall and The Roma, was this concert one of the absolute highlights of my career. I have so enjoyed, that I promised when they asked me to on april 22 to cooperate in the ‘Ode to September’. For me, Andre is an iconic figure who stands for everything the us is. ‘Little boy’, ‘Blood, sweat and tears’, ‘A little bit in love, ” …his timeless songs passed on from generation to generation. Penalty compositions that you as an artist with love and passion, brings to the public.”

Another eye-catcher on Sunday, april 22, during the ‘Ode to September’ is, without a doubt, Xander de Buisonjé. With ‘Goodbye’, ‘Love me’ and ‘It is over’, he scored in the nineties with Volumia! big hits in the Netherlands and Flanders. During the afscheidsplechtigheid of André in the Amsterdam ArenA, brought Xander a moving, catchy version of ‘She believes in me’. “The raw voice of Xander leans well to the songs and the music of André. Xander brings beautiful renderings, grab charisma and the right look to credible numbers of Hazes”, sounds at the concertorganisatoren.

Also Dana Winner is the party on the grand ‘Ode to September’ in Antwerp. Dana brought in 2007, the andré Hazes song ” If you know everything’, a posthumous duet with the late André. “I can’t be any number to cover, that is with me for the whole process. To start I need a ‘match’ with a song. I still remember how I was in 2007 all albums by André listened to me, and at the ‘As you know’ was in the end that ultimate click. It is not his most famous song, but I think it’s a gem with a beautiful text. That I the song live, in my own way, on april 22, in the Lotto Arena, is something I greatly look forward to.”

With Isabelle, A can ‘Ode to September’ extracting with an absolute topstem from Flanders. Also Isabelle had not much time to think when she was asked. “Although the actual music might not be what I normally spend, I can as an artist, nothing but respect for someone who has such a stamp on its genre and many of the songs made by young and old to be sung generation after generation. Music is for me to have feeling and conviction, and that matters put André Hazes abound in his songs and performances. I’m going to do my very best to him on 22 april, the honor that he deserves.”

For Steracteur Sterartiest-winner Michiel De Meyer is a concert in the Lotto Arena, between these established values, a next step in the realization of his musical dream. “Who had a few months ago thought that I was ever on the same poster would stand as Xander de Buisonjé, Isabelle A and Dana Winner, a topper from the Netherlands and two of the biggest names votes of Flanders? I must admit that I also not immediately expected. Recently I was in ‘Van Gils & Guests mentioned that their own strength to the Sportpaleis filling, my big dream is. Whether that ever comes, that we will see, dreams can hey. With ‘Ode to September’ we honor an absolute icon, so now let me first prove that I standing can hold between these top on the stage of the Lotto Arena,” concludes Michiel with a smile.

Tickets for ” Ode to the Cockpit’, on Sunday 22 april 2018 at 16: 30 (doors 15: 30) in the Antwerp Lotto Arena, with a live band and guest artists Dana Winner, Xander de Buisonjé, Isabelle A, Luc Caals and Michiel De Meyer, you can from Wednesday, 21 February at 09: 00 order on or by phone at 070/345.345 (Max. €0.30/Min).

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