Firmino acquitted of racism in Merseyside-derby

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LONDON – The English football association FA has Roberto Firmino acquitted of racist statements during the Merseyside-derby between his club Liverpool and Everton. Firmino would be opponent Mason Holgate, who because of his Jamaican roots is a tinted skin colour, racist have offended.

Roberto Firmino (r) has to stick with Mason Holgate.

The FA sees insufficient evidence for the Brazilian attacker to be complaining.

The 21-year-old English defender of Everton gave Firmino in a duel a good push while the ball is already on the sidelines was rolled. The 26-year-old Brazilian fell over the boarding into the audience. Firmino responded fiercely and ran on Holgate.

While referee Robert Madley between the two fighting cocks in a jump, called Firmino something to Holgate, who in turn is furious and responded. Interestingly enough, the loved Madley the cards in the pocket. The referee took the incident in his wedstrijdrapport, after which the FA is a research started.

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