Emperor apply after Ajax-deception openly to the Eredivisie club

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VINKEVEEN – Marcel Emperor trusts that he quickly find a job in football. ,,It will be difficult to direct at a club to get started. But I am convinced of my abilities as a trainer and I have spent the last year and a half also good things at Ajax.”

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At the kick-off of the preparation for the new season in the Amsterdamse Bos laughed life Marcel Emperor and his assistants Hennie Spijkerman, Dennis Bergkamp and Aron Winter last summer.

Provisionally, he is sitting in the waiting room. ,,Wait to see what is there now on my path. I’m always as a coach, but if I was a good coach can assist and a lot on the field can do, then I think that also a lot of fun.”

The one and a half years in the service of Ajax has made him mature, made, Emperor. ,,As I was suffering around Appie (Nouri, ed.) out of consideration, it was a fantastic experience. I’ve been with the best players of the Netherlands worked, and I am a better trainer.”

Marcel Emperor

Therefore, Eredivisie-clubs him an opportunity to apply he openly. ,,Because they are a highly motivated trainer to get that taken care of, good football to play and that is also trainable. I always go from the game to the ball with the associated press to the front. The best trainers are sometimes dismissed. Now, it happens to me and I will go with a scratch further. The valuation of the Ajax players and staff say enough to me,” says the coach, who himself, at the request describes.

,,A mensenmens that a good team can forge, that of possession and creating a lot of opportunities to go out.”

Dennis Bergkamp

Typical of the man Emperor is that the dismissal of Dennis Bergkamp him more surprised than his own congé. ,,That does me hurt, for I have with him as a personal trainer and as a liaison with the youth to work well together. I look only to quality. Dennis provided the critical note within the club to Ajax. He asked, internally excellent questions on all sorts of area and watched as the Ajax culture. Those questions are keys or something in the clubvisie paste.”

Dennis Bergkamp

But that is your friend…

,,Are Complete nonsense. Well, that is imaging. I have two years with Dennis in the A1 played. He went via Ajax 1 to the Premier League, I have to go to the Jupiler League. I think I have him since then twice had seen. At one point, he called, unfolded his vision, and he asked, after our visions, in part appeared to agree, if I was interested in Ajax,” said the Emperor.

,,I have said ’yes’ and then he has my training and coaching given. On that basis he has my trainerscapaciteiten assessed.”

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