Dream of Hanne Decoutere comes from

37a17d8334c8dd73aec25629427d7d16 - Dream of Hanne Decoutere comes from

The Canvas program Thomas Plays Hard, gets a successor, because Hanne Decoutere turns out to be a particular talent to which they can be a challenge. For a new program adds to them as the prima ballerina. Decoutere danced for many years at a high level, and had on her 23rd even a contract with a ballet company in Paris to address. But just for them with the Parisians on a Chinese tour would leave, broke the SARS virus. The tour and the contract of Decoutere were cancelled. Fifteen years after the date it is re a professional company in Decoutere’s door. In the new program is the nieuwsanker in a year being groomed for a role at the royal Ballet of Flanders. That writes The Tomorrow.

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