“Dozens of deaths in East Ghouta’

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DAMASCUS – Heavy shelling have claimed the lives of dozens of people in Eastern Ghouta, a rebellenbolwerk in the Syrian capital, Damascus. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for human rights said Wednesday definitely 27 people have died. Another 200 people would have been injured.

In the past three days fell according to the observatory, a total of 299 deaths in the area. The Syrian regime besieges the enclave for years, but carried out the shelling Sunday sharply. The pro-government forces would Eastern Ghouta are bombarding with rockets, artillery shells and air strikes.

Aid agencies and the United Nations save the alarm on the humanitarian situation in the region, where hundreds of thousands of people live. ,,The wounded die, and only because they can be helped”, said the head of the Red Cross in Syria, Marianne Gasser. Our teams need to be immediately admitted to Eastern Ghouta to the wounded to help.”

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