Dirk Draulans get baking criticism about him

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The Appointment had the stupid, or just smart (‘t is but how you look at it) set done to Dirk Draulans to invite to his contribution in a debate on the scandal at Oxfam. What the man said, garnered a storm of criticism. Even Phara de Aguirre sat with open mouth, listening. Draulans said the fuss about Oxfam not to understand. “The seksfeestjes of all times. That people (on humanitarian or military missions, ed.) must also be able to relax. As long as nothing illegal happens, I do not find that we have great cause for us to worry,” was the. “I can imagine that, within a humanitarian organization, a code of ethics exists, but why this now file now suddenly comes to light… I see it personally the aftermath of the #MeToo-motion. Suddenly, there is that pendulum that tilts. It is the virus of the new preutsheid.”

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