Demonstrations adhere to: “We will continue to fight’

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The adolescents that the shooting at the school in Florida died, Wednesday, in the capital of the American state, Tallahassee, manifested for a stricter weapons law in the United States.

The pupils went to the call with members of parliament. The student, Rachel, Cantania said on the channel CNN that she and her supporters just so long will fight for the theme to change anything. “I see so many people around me who are the future leaders. They want this change (to the arms export control, red). They want that something good comes out of this shooting’, showed a protester to know.

The ongoing protests to bring a new motion in the US. Wapeneigenaars destroy their own weapons and post a video about it on social media under the name #OneLess, one less.

‘March for our lives”

On 24 march plans the students a large demonstration in the capital, Washington, in ‘march for our lives”. The young activists have the support of well-known Americans, such as actor George Clooney, director Seven Spielberg, tv presenter Oprah Winfrey and producer Jeffrey Katzenberg. They give a total of approximately 1.6 million euros to the scheduled event.

Stricter legislation

The House of Representatives in Florida has a stricter weapons law Tuesday (local time) is still rejected. It was a law that a ban on certain semi-automatic rifles, such as the shooting type of AR15, and larger warehouses would be opened.

President Donald Trump has the ministry of Justice or the order is given to the so-called “bump stocks” to prohibit. That attachments for a semi-automatic rifle fully automatic to fire.


Nikolas Cruz (19), a former pupil of the high school in Florida, well-known Wednesday that he is the school binnenstormde and opened fire with a semi-automatic weapon. Seventeen people were shot. Since then, the debate about a stricter arms legislation again sparked especially by the commitment of the survivors.

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