’Cybercrime costs 490 billion euros per year’

c0d012b31499a3ce59253286d8223265 - ’Cybercrime costs 490 billion euros per year’

SANTA CLARA – Digital crime costs the world more and more. The global damage each year, 600 billion dollars, equivalent to about 490 billion euros, or almost 1 percent of the world economy. This is evident from an examination of security guard, McAfee and research firm CSIS.

In 2014 the claim was 445 billion dollars (more than 360 billion euros). According to the researchers, are criminals becoming more sophisticated. Also is the threshold to itself criminal to be still lower. “Crime is more efficient, less risky, more profitable, and have never been so easy,” says McAfee.

Governments most dangerous offenders

Banks are the favorite targets, governments are the most dangerous offenders. Russia, according to the researchers, the world leader. “That shows how good their hackers are and how they western justice contempt,” according to CSIS. North Korea is second. The country is regularly accused of virtual money to steal to the directors to finance. Brazil, India and Vietnam are on the rise, according to McAfee and CSIS.

Russia, North Korea and Iran, focus on the hacking of financial institutions, while China focuses mainly on cyber-espionage, according to researchers. Richer countries are the most affected, but the damage is relatively the highest in the group of countries just below. They are digitally very active, but are running behind on security.

Gijzelsoftware remains the main weapon of cyber criminals. Such attacks can also be ordered with a run. It is called ransomware-as-a-service.

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