’Creditors Gibson demands departure of ceo’

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The creditors of the parent company of the world-famous gitaarmerk Gibson demands the departure of ceo Henry Juszkiewicz, before they agree to a bailout for the financially troubled company. Reported that insiders to news agency Bloomberg.

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Recently it was announced that Gibson Brands to find ways to reduce the debt and reduce additional funding to attract, to file for bankruptcy to avoid. Now would the creditors insist on a restructuring where they control about Gibson and Juszkiewicz, the field must be clean up. He gives more than thirty years of leadership to the in 1902, established and in Nashville-based Gibson, that, in addition to electric guitars also used audio equipment to sell.

Juszkiewicz has indicated not to want steps. He hopes debt restructuring and new to attract investors to Gibson again financially healthy. Last year, lowered credit rating agency Moody’s, the credit rating of Gibson, due to concerns whether the company’s financial obligations will be met.

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