CNN loves to debate Parkland students and NRA

fa5f0d919488dd3ab8720b41fe7bdc46 - CNN loves to debate Parkland students and NRA

CNN organizes Wednesday night (Us time) a debate between the survivors of the Parkland-shooting and the National Rifle Association, the American wapenlobbyclub. The NRA is in the U.S. again under heavy fire after the shooting in a school in Parkland which seventeen people were killed and many dozens were injured.

CNN showed Wednesday afternoon to know that the NRA the invitation to be live on television in a debate with the students is accepted. Except the survivors and relatives of the victims, there are also parents of pupils of the school in the debate.

The NRA is represented by spokeswoman Dana Loesch. Also, there are politicians, including senator Marco Rubio of Florida. Rubio is under fire because he is no heavier restrictions on arms sales has been implemented. Rubio has significant amounts received from the NRA for his campaigns.

President Donald Trump would not take part in the debate, reports CNN. Also, governor Rick Scott has the invitation turned into.

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