Children Samantha ‘Barbie’ de Jong to move with father to Spain

e28001edf1640057393f5c1ef7b04487 - Children Samantha 'Barbie' de Jong to move with father to Spain

The children of Samantha ‘Barbie’ de Jong move with their father to Spain. The realityster is, according to her ex, Michael van der Plas, that they are not good for Milano and Angelina can provide.

“It is perhaps the most difficult decision of her life, but I think at the same time the wisest,” says Van der Plas, in conversation with Private.

The Young would have said that they currently do not feel optimal for her children. “I must first get better, then I can go back to.”

The realityster did beginning in 2018, a suicide attempt and is currently working on her recovery. Story reports on the basis of an anonymous family member that they are the private clinic where she stayed after the attempt now would have to leave.

The second half of this year will be her children with her ex living in Spain. Daughter Angelina is now of compulsory school age and will, if the Van der Plas is, at home, getting lessons from his new girlfriend Naomi. “She has spent training to be followed, which is approved by the inspection. She has weekly contact with the teacher and they also send the material to us. So we go the next time with each other at work.”

Youth care

The decision all around the relocation of the two children is in consultation with the gone with the tutors of The Young and “interested bodies”. Youth remains involved. “Certainly, you have in our situation need someone who mediates. When I was with Samantha together at a table, and re-established that I have the children with me to Spain, then it is no. If there is someone with a mind of affairs at present, is that easier to talk. You still each other’s ex.”

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