Change of power at the box office: ‘Black Panther’ does it even better than ” Star Wars.”

1110de3e9bb919dbde727952cd4170d7 - Change of power at the box office: 'Black Panther' does it even better than " Star Wars."

That ‘Black Panther’ would do to the bioscoopkassa’s, was already long for the release clearly. The print has now, however, the American filmpers have been simply paralyzed by the even better to do than megakaskraker ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi. “‘Black Panther’ rewrites the recordboeken”, according to entertainmentmagazine Variety.

The ‘first black superheldenfilm’ plays since the end of last week in North American movie theatres. From the figures now that the film Monday night, an impressive 242 million dollars – a thick 196 million euros on the counter. That is the second highest yield ever in four days time. ‘Black Panther’ limps up another $ 46 million behind record-holder “Star Wars: The Force Awakens’, which in its first four days 288,1 million dollar binnenhaalde.

Uitzonderlijker is, however, that the movie will do slightly better than the latest part of the ‘Star Wars’franchise, ‘The Last Jedi’. The ‘Star Wars’films are the traditional lord and master at the box office, what the performance of ‘Black Panther becomes more striking. It should be noted, however, that the difference between the two ‘less than’ 400.000 dollar (324.500 euro). Still calls the American filmpers the performance of ‘Black Panther’ downright “historic”.

Now the actieheldenfilm so much better scores than expected, the cost of production of $ 200 million on some days, already more than recouped. The movie is since last week although in the Belgian screens.

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