Artist accuses Black Panther of plagiarism

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Artist accuses Black Panther of plagiarism

Shot out of the clip All the Stars / YouTube Still

Rave reviews and breaking records: it was not piece for Black Panther. But now, the blockbuster movie became a part of a relletje: the artwork from the clip of the song All the Stars from the movie would have been stolen.

That claims artist Lina Iris Viktor, that musicians Kendrick Lamar and SZA for the right drag. Viktor would repeatedly by Black Panther-producer Marvel are approached to her work in the film, but be this, because they didn’t agreed on the terms and conditions and fee.

It is not about the money, but the principle, says the artist in The New York Times. “Cultural appropriation is something that African-Americans constantly have to deal with and there resistance I against me”, she states.

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This is the clip where it goes, from the third minute it has to go.

The artist is claiming compensation.

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