Alloo in the Night during the Aalst carnival

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Nearly 600,000 viewers (live +5) went into hiding last week, together with Luk Alloo nightlife. Also on Thursday 22 February 2018 to meet Luk some colorful figures. Literally then. On the eve of Aalst carnival, he lives the traditional carnavalsmatch of basketball team Okapi Aalstar. “We’re going to have a tough night ” to meet”, says the costumed spectators. Also, mayor Christoph D’haese party. “This is the run-up to carnival,” he says. “It’s Saturday, so we will have a little bit of managed to remain. The 3 heavy days and nights.”
In Wilrijk get Luk a local tattoo parlor, where in the early hours to be tattooed. “Evening work is more pleasant and quieter. Signs do I prefer after midnight.” In Antwerp runs Luk by the red-lit skippers ‘ quarter, where he rings the doorbell at the 69-year-old Roger. “If you been here for 16 years lives, do not look to be much more to the girls. They also change every day,” testifies he. “Tonight I walk through the streets and then we’ll see where the door opens.”

At midnight get Luk also within a verrassingsfeest in Rijkevorsel. There to celebrate family and friends to the 60th birthday of Viviane. Then he will call to Nini, who to MS suffers and at night cared for by Vera. “Nini has a 24-hour help needed,” she says. “The only way she can for as long as possible to stay at home. Sleep may I not be when I am at Nini’m. While she is sleeping, I stay awake to get everything in to keep an eye on. I do this work gladly, and take a lot of satisfaction.”

Alloo in the Night during the Aalst carnival
Episode 7 on Thursday 22 February 2018 to 21.20 at VTM

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