Again riot around boss assistance

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London – once Again a scandal involving the ceo of a large charity. Justin Forsyth of the also in the Netherlands, global Save the Children reveals multiple women is difficult to have cases.

Justin Forsyth would have been dismissed at Save The Children, after complaints of three women on the shop floor.

The manager of the English branch was, according to the Telegraph, fired and dived shortly afterwards, again at Unicef, where one can nothing know of the affair. Forsyth would be from 2010 to 2015 ” a flood of text messages have been sent to female employees who are sexually tinted.


Forsyth is now in the English media due to the dust and says that it is ’inappropriate, conversations went that he now understands that the women there by shocked should have been.

According to the BBC, in which the case is brought out, he made comments about their appearance, the clothes they wore and he told them, unsolicited, what he for they felt. Those who did not respond, did you also mail in the back and were also called by him.

Not seriously

Unicef has Tuesday night announced that measures will be taken against the deputy director.

One of the complainants told the BBC that they are not seriously felt. “There was more importance attached to the prevention of bad publicity, than to the protection of workers against this predators-behavior”.

Forsyth denies messages in the English media that he had to leave to Save the Children. He would then extensively excuses have offered to the three complainants.

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