After 20 years of excuses police London

LONDON – London’s police have apologized for a undercoveractie twenty years ago. It helped a secret agent with the consent of her supervisor with an action of the Animal Liberation Front in which about 6,000 mink were released.

After 20 years of excuses police London

That action, in 1998, in the place Ringwood led to a long-term study of the police in Hampshire, no one was held. That corps was there in 2014, only to learn that there is an undercover agent, the action had helped.

Earlier this week, the chairman of a committee of inquiry into undercover operations of the London police the name (mrs. Green) of the agent is known then, it was clear that they by the corps in the capital city was broadcast. Scotland Yard decided to apologize to the corps in Hampshire to offer, according to British media Wednesday.

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