Achmed Akkabi about filming in refugee camps in Jordan

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An urgent film. So called actor Achmed Akkabi the drama Brothers that from this week in the cinemas is running. His character comes together with his brother, looking to the youngest child of the family in Syria without a trace is gone. Inadvertently touches the two involved in the Syrian conflict.

Achmed Akkabi

“This is a film that says something about the times in which we live,” says Akkabi with clamp. “You can feel it all. We have in Jordan literally in refugee camps turned: you will be part of the chaos and the despair. You see the families for you, the thousands of children who have no idea what the future offers or how long they are in these circumstances should continue to live.” Director Hanro Smitsman insisted that the film on location would be rotated. “I understand that, however; this result had we not been able to reach on a set in Amsterdam.”

Brothers is essentially a road movie, the protagonist. “Just like my character, Hassan, I was not really prepared for what I was in Jordan, near the Syrian border, could expect. I have the whole situation during the shoot, also be just about me.” However, the actor himself read about jihadism and the war in Syria itself. “Hassan is a comedian who is as little as possible with religion, or the situation in the Middle East, wants to engage in. But I found it as humans to be very fine and useful to understand more of the war in Syria and what the parties all play a role in. I don’t want to be indifferent, though I understand that many Europeans get a bit lost about what happens there.”


The cast and crew of the film were sleeping, not in the refugee camp, they got no permission. “Every day we had an hour and a half by car to the camp drive,” says Akkabi. A large part of the crew consisted of local professionals with whom the Dutch, many have talked about. “You share the love for the profession, that creates a sort of basis to establish contact and good conversations. Some of them were before the Syrian president Assad and said that he the country is a good way to try to lead.”

Really dangerous situations made the actor not during the run. Or is it, remember that he suddenly. “There came a point in a scene a motorcade along from the Syrian army,” he says. “We had to hide along the side of the road to let them pass. I was lying on a stone and saw a whole schorpioenenfamilie in front of me. The largest ran with his tail up récht on me.” Akkabi knew, moreover, time to get away. “Furthermore, we have really only had positive experiences in Jordan. The are very nice people who would also like nothing better than peace and quiet and just live their lives, just as we are.”

Brothers is currently running in Dutch cinemas.

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