Wreck Iranian unit traced, part of victims buried under snow

03960bc026f7cc4ebbbf7b7cf0d10c0d - Wreck Iranian unit traced, part of victims buried under snow

TEHRAN – rescue Workers have no survivors found at the crashed Iranian airplane resembling. The helpers saw about thirty bodies, said an employee of the Iranian Red Crescent against the news agency Tasnim. The other passengers and crew members are probably buried under the snow.

The aircraft of the airline Iran Aseman Airlines disappeared Sunday from the radar. The aircraft of the type ATR-72 flew at that time with 65 passengers from Tehran to the southwest Yasuj. The authorities discovered the wreckage until Tuesday morning in the inaccessible and snow-capped Zagros mountains, in the south of Iran.

According to the elitekorps of the armed forces, the Revolutionary Guard corps (IRGC), were the wreckage from the air observed at mount Dena. ,,The plane hit the top of a mountain,” said the pilot of a helicopter against the state. The airplane resembling would then 30 metres down are deposited.

The low temperatures and the rugged terrain made the search very difficult. That led to frustration among the relatives of the victims. About one hundred people demonstrated Monday outside a government office in a nearby area. They demanded that the responsible officials resigned because of the way we have dealt with the disaster.

On video Tasnim shows how minister Abbas Akhoundi (Roads and Urban Development) a full coat. ,,You would be in the same plane have flown?”, yelled an irate man. That came after news about the discovery of the device were refuted by the authorities.

It supposedly lasts for a considerable time, before all the bodies are recovered, said a source within the emergency services. Helicopters reportedly can’t land on the rampplek. As a result, the working foot can be performed. It is still unclear which makes the 24-year-old plane crashed.

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