Wreck Iranian device is still tracked

5d76c6421d26b3aa3d4a14183b74c06f - Wreck Iranian device is still tracked

TEHRAN – Wreck of a Sunday crashed Iranian plane have finally traced in the inaccessible and snow-capped Zagros mountains in southern Iran.

According to the elitekorps of the armed forces, the Revolutionary Guard corps (IRGC), has the crew of a helicopter wreckage was observed on mount Dena.

Iranian media reported Tuesday that thanks to better weather conditions, dozens of teams of rescue workers to the battle are gone and on their way to the wreck. It also commands the armed forces deployed.

A French-Italian plane ATR-72 of the Iranian airline Iran Aseman Airlines on Sunday, with 66 people on board on a flight from Tehran to the southwest Yasuj above the province of Isfahan have disappeared. It was assumed that the device is in the mountains had crashed. Monday was already reported that the wreckage on the mountain, Dena was seen, but that was later in the day again contradicted. The search was on Tuesday seriously hampered by bad weather.

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