Who is who in the Boxing Stars?

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Tuesday VTM the names of the duo of Boxing Stars will be announced. Previously we made known that Andy Peelman it had to compete against Oscar Willems. But who are the others that the duel is engaging in an exciting camp in the boxing ring? Wednesday and Thursday, the first camps will take place for the new VTM-program Boxing Stars. What are the BV’s socks the other out of the ring? The successful openingsgala of CAZ was just a warmup. Now it is serious, because in this week we have a whole series of well-known Flemings in the ring to compete with one of their colleagues. Natalia is one of the well known people that the glove absorbs. She has only just begun to fight and takes on Marie Verhulst. “As an avid Rocky fan and the daughter of a amateurbokser, it seems to me is incredibly cool to look in the ring!”, told Natalia earlier.

Astrid Coppens has her length, she is half a head taller than Stéphanie De Roover. Stéphanie is the fold of Jeroen Meus, and, of course, gave Jeroen the past few weeks for the necessary concentrates and pep talk.
Who a lot of bokservaring, Faroek Ozgünes. The VTM journalist in his first camp against Sieg De Doncker. As Laura Tesoro somewhere her teeth into, she goes there fully for and when will Boxing Stars are not different. Bieke Ilegems is the oldest woman in the boxing ring, but she is not going to be doing in the boxing ring. Her husband Erik Goossens is also of the party. He calls himself a cross between Muhammad Ali and Charlie Chaplin. His counterpart Kamal Kharmach realizes that he is not easily will have against Erik Goossens: “it is beat or pulsation get,” he says in All. Eline De Munck versus Hilde De Baerdemaeker. That is going to sparks. Eline is driven in what she does and says in All confident that she Hilde is going to sweep up. But Hilde is not going to be quickly won. At home she has been a punch bag, and she hopes that as Eline a short moment of doubt, she is merciless and can strike. And then there are the latest duo. Bill Barberis during the last month fully given, and tells All that he is technical is better than his opponent. And that opponent is ex-tienkamper Hans Van Alphen. Van Alphen, of course, is a sportsman but he gives himself yet but 50-50 chance of Bill Barberis to beat.

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