Wednesday in Best Viewers

5d5f9950d1df2484a479cc53153ea529 - Wednesday in Best Viewers

After the big episode of last week Nathalie Meskens, Sven De Ridder and Tine embrechts has been on Wednesday 21 February is completely cooled off for a new Best Viewers. Sven let himself be accompanied by ‘new Belgian’ and comedyking Jan Jaap van der Wal. Tine has Katja Retsin invited who, after her Greetings From adventure in 1984, this time just in 2017 may remain.

Sven, who for the first time in his life, no ‘Antweirps’ speaks, how odd would that sound like? Dear Viewers to the test with a lip flip, where the mouths of the panelists, with special thanks to image editing, to change owner. Sven gets so suddenly the Ghent accent of Katja. An improvement or not?

The winter Olympics are apparently also a source of humor. A ceremony with stuffed bears, Finns with a strange form of occupational therapy, passing through them all in Pyeongchang and to the Best Viewers. And we also come to know why Sven moves out by a… paperclip.

Dear Viewers, Wednesday at 21.10 on VTM.

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