War between the walls of Ghent-West

a583ab672600417d93154868e23f3340 - War between the walls of Ghent-West

n Ghent West rages a battle between the two camps of Cat and Sam. The butt of the both egos continues to Veronique, who for the first time her daughter returned. Veronique is inadvertently in the middle of the battle between Cat and Sam. Cat threatens that Luna what will happen if they are not on her side. Veronique forced to choose sides.

Eric Beckers, Sams father, looking after almost 20 years of re-contact with his daughter. After long insistence, Sam decided to go him one last time, to want to see. Then she shut him forever from her life. Malika is sitting in the lockup. Sarah wants the living conditions in the isolation cells will improve, but the warders should they not expect help. Sarah is alone in her struggle. Her position as a director is put to the test. Luna comes with her mom to visit. During the searched, she is caught in the possession of “illegal substances”. Tom put dogged the search for the killer of his wife further. Without a result.

Ghent West – Wednesday to 21u35 at FOUR

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