’Under 40? Then you will never die’

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Amsterdam – Who is now forty, will never die. That specific prediction does the English futurologist, Ian Pearson.

Futurologist Ian Pearson predicts that everyone is now still under 40, has a chance at eternal life

He is firmly convinced that the man in 2050, thanks to rapid medical progress, the eternal life can get.

Pearson does the 35-year predictions. 85 percent of those prospects are also released. He is not the first the best fabulous: he is also a member of the prestigious World Academy of Art and Science, where you only admitted if you scientific have differentiate.

In The Sun he describes a few ways how we can have eternal life away.

The first is by the ever-renewing body parts. With the help of biotechnology and medicine, we need our body to rejuvenate.


“No one wants eternal life, he is 95 years, but that can change if your body would rejuvenate to 30 years,” he says. For example, by genetic manipulation that prevents the cells get older or the aging process and even reverses. He thinks that we will soon organs can be replaced by printed copies.

Robot parts

The second method is what’s more scary: more and more parts replaced by robot parts. Even your mind can get a robot to be moved. So if you get sick, or die, your brain is uploaded to a computer that everything can plug into a robot body.


Pearson warns, however, that the first decades only reserved to the super-rich to live forever. At 2060 are also ordinary mortals turn.

Virtual life

A third approach goes even further: you live only with your digital brain in a virtual world. “We would just be in a computer simulation can live and be happy,” he says.

So; who, since 1970, is born, hope.

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