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TV series children for Children strictly 8 BN’ers

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The new season of children for Children up visits to eight well-known Dutch people. The children bring a visit to, among others, André Kuipers and singer Moon for a musical day.

In the series, each episode is a song from the latest Kids for Kids-cd Gruesome scary central. Two kinderreporters from the Choir at the CELEBRITIES along to discover with what song they have a link. So it seems quite logical that André Kuipers has something to say about the song I want to go to Mars, but what the DUTCH would still love a Pyjamadag?

André Kuipers and others

At the end of each episode the celebrity in question invited the children to sing and dance in the clip. The BN’ers, we are in the season we will see, Gio Latooy, Moon, Klaas van der Eerden, Janouk van der Meulen, André Kuipers, Bente Fokkens, Lucas van de Meerendonk and Anne Appelo.

Anne Appelo

Anne Appelo is known from the musical the Lion King and will after delivery of children for Children up still with the Choir in the near continue. She is, in fact, in the coming season together with Lex Expression the tv broadcasts, and concerts by children for Children present. The joyful children’s choir will once again this year the song for the Koningsspelen on april 20, care. The title of this song is Fitlala.

Children for children up

The first episode of children for Children has come up with YouTuber Gio Latooy is from Saturday the 24th of February at 10.05 to see Zapp/NPO 3.

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