Turkey bombards the Syrian region of Afrin

221d37f7371718c75c3a33819c3bc424 - Turkey bombards the Syrian region of Afrin

DAMASCUS – The Turkish army has Tuesday the Syrian region of Afrin fired upon with grenades. This is reported by the Syrian state news agency Sana. The bombing was shortly after Syrian militias that the regime of president Assad supports the region were entered.

Archive view of the fighting in Afrin.

Afrin is in the hands of fighters of the Kurdish YPG. The militias are there to help the offensive to repel the Turkish army in the region has begun. YPG confirmed the arrival of the militia.

The YPG has the government-Assad previously called on troops to send to the borders to protect. That happened after the Turkish government offensive in the area was announced. Ankara wants to prevent the Kurds to establish a connection between the Turkey’s neighbouring enclave of Afrin and the larger Kurdish area to the east thereof.

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