Trump expresses support for Mitt Romney

3d0e5965b36609d2d6fa465911952525 - Trump expresses support for Mitt Romney

WASHINGTON – Mitt Romney will have the full support of president Donald Trump to be a candidate for the Senaatszetel of the state of Utah. The former Republican presidential candidate has been an outspoken opponent of Trump, who, despite on Twitter his support for him by.

According to Trump, will Romney be a good senator and a worthy successor of Orrin Hatch, the current senator from Utah. Trump had in the first instance, Hatch to submit themselves for re-election. He aspires, however, not a new term, which opens the way for Romney.

When Trump in the campaign of 2016 suddenly a chance appeared to be chosen, called Romney the Republicans on the property from New York not to support. Romney lost itself in 2012 in the battle for the White House, Democrat Barack Obama.

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