Thousands of Argentinians demand legalization of abortion

d8ff395621d6fc7dc192b52f5a5f5072 - Thousands of Argentinians demand legalization of abortion

In the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires Monday, thousands of people on the street come to the legalization of abortion requirements.

They gathered for the building of the parliament, where a bill was filed that abortion in the first fourteen weeks of the pregnancy portion, but that lack of support is likely to get.

In Argentina 14% of pregnancy-related mortality due to clandestine abortions.

Abortion in Argentina is currently only allowed with a pregnancy after a rape or when the pregnancy is life-threatening for the mother. Yet to undergo every year an estimated 500,000 women a clandestine abortion, which in 60,000 cases to complications. According to the official statistics of the government died in the year 2015, a total of 55 women after a zwangerschapsbeëindiging, while in 2013 to 33 women.

It is not the first time that proponents of abortion the practice wish to justify in the South American country. In the past eleven years turned six legalisatiepogingen all to nothing.

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