These are the bokskampen in Boxing Stars

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Let’s get ready to rumble. The eight different bokskampen of Boxing Stars are fixed. Who socks, who in each other? And who’s going to collect? The 16 famous faces will be the soul from their bodies to fight, because nobody wants to go off for a live audience with many of his colleagues and family. Laura Tesoro, Bieke Ilegems, Astrid Coppens, Stéphanie De Roover, Natalia, Marie Verhulst, Eline De Munck, Hilde De Baerdemaeker, Faroek Özgünes, Sieg De Doncker, Andy Peelman, Oscar Willems, Erik Goossens, Kamal Kharmach, Bill Barberis and Hans Van Alphen with each other on the fist in the boxing ring.

The bokskampen in the women
Laura Tesoro usa. Bieke Ilegems

Laura Tesoro: “The kick and the patches are bigger than the fear. People expect total, not that I really got a chip can give, so if I get the chance, see, I will have to save.”

Bieke Ilegems: “What are you agree if your beat gets through fine? I would not at all pretty. I want to be ugly, but correct.”
Actress, presenter and singer Laura Tesoro is with her 21 years of the youngest of the whole corps. Laura already did well on the stage of The Voice van Vlaanderen, Belgium’s Got Talent and the Eurovision song contest and dares now in the boxing ring. She comes face to face with the 46-year-old Bieke Ilegems. Bieke won in 2014 the VTM program Dansdate with her husband Erik Goossens and would like to have an additional title to her name write. Gets young violence Laura the of the life experience and winnersmentaliteit of Bieke?

Astrid Coppens us. Stéphanie De Roover

Astrid Coppens: “My strength point is that I am big and long arms. I always what abnormal, but now that well off.”
Stéphanie De Roover: “I really want to be in the ring without fear to pass and to radiate that I can win.”

Ever was her name, Astrid Bryan, now she is Astrid Coppens. The 35-year-old model and the new-fangled actress is the most famous Hollywoodvrouw of Flanders. Crossfit and yoga she did regularly, but boxing is new for her. Astrid gets the fists of the 40-year-old Stéphanie De Roover in front of her. Stéphanie is the wife of televisiekok Jeroen Meus. With dedication and character, her certainly no lack. It was in the run-up to the camp the treadmill several times on the breakfast menu. Is Astrid the star of the evening? Or knows Stéphanie the secret recipe for the victory?

Natalia usa. Marie Verhulst

Natalia: “I can violently out of the crowd! I’ve never said in a tv program that I have come to win, but now I have to win.”
Marie Verhulst: “I May have the honor of the family Verhulst save as Viktor last year has lost. This is the moment that I all fear out of my head.”
The impressive abdominal muscles and strong condition of the 37-year-old Belgian fury, and singer Natalia by everybody feared. It is therefore no surprise that they are full for the victory goes in to Boxing Stars. Marie Verhulst, the 22-year-old daughter of Studio 100-boss Gert Verhulst, tries at all cost to a boxing glove for stitches. And boxing is sitting with Marie in the family. Her brother Viktor moisture in the first edition of the Boxing Stars at CAZ, but he lost a little of sports journalist Maarten Breckx. Marie aast now on revenge for the lost camp.

Eline De Munck usa. Hilde De Baerdemaeker

Eline De Munck: “You’re gonna that, baby! I am not afraid to succeed. And I’m also not afraid to succeed.“

Hilde De Baerdemaeker: “You need another pain to do, because otherwise you going to have pain. And when Eline just doubt, that is the time when I go store.”
The 30-year-old actress, singer, tv presenter and businesswoman Eline De Munck is an all-rounder. Also on the sporty side, she needs no one to envy. As she walked in the past o.a. all of the New York marathon. They will be in the ring need to lash out at the 39-year-old actress Hilde De Baerdemaeker. Hilde is the largest among the female boxers. Literally anyway, but whether that is sufficient to meet her off her lead to save is the question.

The bokskampen for men
Faroek Özgünes us. Sieg De Doncker

Faroek Özgünes: “I am the smallest, the lightest and the oldest, but I’m also the meanest.”
Sieg De Doncker: “My coach calls me ‘The Bulldozer’ because I go to destroy what is there on my way.”
VTM NEWS-investigative journalist and terreurspecialist Faroek Özgünes is with its 54 years, the oldest participant of Boxing Stars. This Truienaar with Turkish roots has any experience with boxing, because in his spare time he is often to be found in the boxing ring. He have to compete against the 28-year-old Sieg De Doncker. Sieg was known by the Teen-program ‘Heroes’. Sport is entirely his thing, but emerged Sieg is also the hero of Boxing Stars, or let Faroek him a lower tune to sing?

Andy Peelman usa. Oscar Willems

Andy Peelman: “I want to go to the extreme, until I drop. Hopefully not literally, then.”

Oscar Wilson: “I find that particularly fascinating: on your face. If I have a goal I have then I go there fully for and interested in me not how much it hurts or how much breath I lack come.”
In addition to his job as a police officer in real life and in the VTM-series Buurtpolitie, creeps the 34-year-old Andy Peelman now the boxing ring. His opponent is 28-year-old Spitsbroers-actor Oscar Willems. On the football field he has already proven, and now he receives as a boxer the opportunity to get a policeman to save without the in the cell to end up. Or flickers Andy him unceremoniously out of the ring?

Erik Goossens, usa. Kamal Kharmach

Erik Goossens: “I’m a lover, not a fighter. That is the reason why I want to do. My style of boxing is a cross between Muhammad Ali and Charlie Chaplin.”

Kamal Kharmach: “It is beat or pulsation. It is eat or be eaten. And I eat very happy.”
The 50-year-old singer and actor Erik Goossens is the male partner of Boxing Star Bieke Ilegems. Together with his Bieke, he won the program Dansdate. Will he succeed as a boxer this time only? Erik focuses his whack on the 26-year-old comedian Kamal Kharmach. Kamal gave in the previous edition of the Boxing Stars that he would have wanted to participate in the program. That desire comes from. Will laugh him perish, or he stabs at the end of the camp the kampioensgordel in the air?

Bill Barberis us. Hans Van Alphen

Bill Barberis: “I’ll be a better technique than Hans, so on a technical level, I would the camp be able to win.”

Hans Van Alphen: “It’s not in me to be aggressive, but from that one battle in your face, then change that yet at all and I can hard save!”
As icing on the cake take two giants of hawking and peers against each other: the 36jarige Bill Barberis and Hans Van Alphen. There rests a heavy burden on the broad shoulders of Bill. After all he is the only participant of Boxing Stars who are also in the first edition of the programme in the ring was. After his defeat put Bill disturbed his bokstrainingen further. He now gets a rematch against ex-olympian Hans Van Alphen. Hans continued, among others by his superb fourth place at the Olympic Games in London, decathlon on the map in Belgium. Who saves the other K. O. and wins this battle of the titans?

All boxers are intensively supervised by a professional boxing coach and get 20 hours boksles in order to prepare themselves for their camp. Both their physical preparedness as their mental toughness will be put to the test. The pictures of the games go through on Wednesday 21, Thursday 22 and Wednesday 28 February. Boxing Stars is soon to be seen in the VTM.

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