The spaniards were arguing (again) about text-national anthem

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The Spanish pop singer Marta Sánchez sang Saturday during a concert in Madrid its own version of the national anthem of Spain, and that divides the country even more than already was the case.

Do you know the lyrics of the Spanish anthem? No, of course not, because the Spanish national anthem is one of the few anthems in the world without text. The most Spaniards to hum along with the melody when the song is heard, or welding a moment of silence.

So not the successful Spanish pop singer Marta Sánchez, known from mega hits like ‘Desesperada’, and ‘Mujer A Mujer’. Last Saturday she sang during a performance in Madrid, and her own interpretation of the national anthem, with a text that they were a year ago wrote. In it she sings, inter alia, that ‘red and yellow, the colors of her heart’, and owes them to God that they are in Spain should be born.

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That text elicited, however, soon became a national debate, with both proponents as fierce opponents, especially their views online spuiden. The politicians did their coin in the bag. Prime minister Mariano Rajoy was in his element, and posted on the social networking site Twitter it was a “very good initiative”. He thanked the singer also.

Pablo Echenique of the left-wing opposition party, Podemos, was much less enthusiastic. ‘Patriotism is not only about symbols as a national anthem, but also about good health and proper education’, he responded.

The Royal march, as the tekstloze national anthem is officially called, is composed in the eighteenth century. By whom, that is unknown. A century later, was chosen as the national anthem of Spain. Through the centuries, various attempts have been to an official text to introduce the melody of the song, by dictator Francisco Franco.

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